Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures

About the World Energy Council policies and measures

This database on energy efficiency policies and measures has been prepared by Enerdata for the World Energy Council Knowledge on Energy Efficiency with the support of ADEME.

The database describes energy efficiency policies and measures carried in 96 countries throughout the world. The information has been mainly collected from a survey conducted in about 54 countries. It has been completed by a literature review for selected energy efficiency regulations in the remaining 43 countries based on international data bases (MURE, IEA, CLASP) and national sources.

The policy data base is made of 3 sections:
  • World overview covering selected regulations for 96 countries
  • The survey results for 54 countries made of 2 parts:
    • A general part on general information on institutions by country (energy agencies) and energy efficiency targets.
    • A second part on existing measures by country, organized by main types: financial, fiscal, regulation and voluntary agreement
  • Policy case studies

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